Midwest Junior Championship

MJC Application Process


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tournament Director, Kevin Johnson, by email at info@midwestjuniorchampionship or by phone at 972-814-6078.



Registration for the Midwest Junior Championship is set to open with the mailing of initial tournament invites going out on January 1st  

Players not receiving the initial invite can send an email to info@midwestjuniorchampionship.com with their tournament résumé to be reviewed for acceptance.  Players must include the following info in the email for consideration. This information will be used to create your player profile for college coaches should you gain entrance into the tournament.

Those players being accepted will be emailed a registration code allowing them to complete registration.  




Address, City, State, Zip

Email Address

Contact Phone Number

Date of Birth


Parent's name


Graduation Year

GPA (include scale used)

Home Course

Golf Instructor

Average Score

Top 5 Tournaments from last 12 months (include scores)

Overall Rankings from the following sources (if applicable): Junior Golf Scoreboard, Golfweek, AJGA

Top 5 Colleges You are Interested in Attending

College Academic Interests