Midwest Junior Championship


Entry Deadline

Registration will close on Friday, June 18, 2021 at 11:59pm CST or when the field is full.  A waiting list will be started if a player wishes to register after the field has been filled.

Tournament Applications must be submitted via email by June 10, 2020.

If spots in the tournament field are still available, there will be an open registration period from May 15, 2021 thru June 18th, 2021 or until the field is full.

Refund Policy

All cancellations must be submitted in writing to info@midwestjuniorchampionship.com.  Cancellations submitted by June 1st, 2021 will receive a full refund minus a $15 processing fee.  Cancellations received by June 18th, 2021 will receive a 50% refund.  No refunds will be issued after June 18th, 2021

Who Is Eligible

The MJC has is open to both boys and girls who are meet the following requirements:

*All Players must be amateurs

*All Players must be at least 14 years old.

*Players must have not had their 19th birthday prior to January 1, 2021

*Players must have not started college full-time and/or participated as a college athlete.


The tournament is a 54-hole stroke play event.  Players will play 36 holes on Monday and the final 18 on Tuesday.

Caddies/Pull Carts

Caddies will NOT be permitted for any participants.  Pull carts will be allowed.

Tee Times

Tee times will start at 7:30am both days on tees #1 and #10.  Tee times for the first and second rounds will be posted online no later than June 22nd, 2020.  Tee times for round 3 will be posted online by no more than 3 hours after the completion of Round 2.

Practice Round

Practice Round information will be sent out to registered players via email.  

Code of Conduct (based off of AJGA Code of Conduct)

Midwest Junior Championship puts great emphasis on providing its participants with the highest quality tournament possible. To help make this possible, Midwest Junior Championship has put a Code of Conduct in place for all players, caddies, and spectators. The Code of Conduct will help ensure that everyone involved will have a positive experience. The Code of Conduct will be enforced during all tournament functions including, but not limited to: registration, practice rounds, tournament rounds, dinners, and awards ceremonies.

Violations of Code of Conduct:
Any of the following actions by a Midwest Junior Championship participant, caddie, or spectator at any tournament event constitutes a violation of the Code of Conduct:
* Unsportsmanlike conduct, including abusive language, cheating, club throwing, disrespect to
volunteers, officials or fellow competitors/caddies/spectators, or abuse of golf course property
* Not adhering to the dress code at the host golf course
* Use or association with drugs, alcohol, or smoking or chewing tobacco products
* Conduct not becoming of a Midwest Junior Championship player, such as acting in anger or creating other distractions
* Physical abuse, threat of physical abuse, verbal abuse, slander or libel towards other players, parents, coaches, sponsors, host golf course staff or members, tournament staff or volunteers in any medium

Required Dress at Midwest Junior Championship events:
* Hats/visors must be worn with brim forward
* Collared shirts or mock turtlenecks must be worn and tucked in at all times
* Womens fashion shirts must not rise above the belt line at anytime during the golf swing
* Womens shorts must be no more than 5inches above the knee OR the inseam of the shorts must measure at least 5inchs

Prohibited Dress at Midwest Junior Championship events:
* Tank tops, T-shirts
* Denim shorts, short-shorts, cut-off shorts, gym shorts, jeans

The dress code will be enforced at all functions associated with the Midwest Junior Championship.

Code of Conduct Violation Penalties:
The Midwest Junior Championship Tournament Committee will assess the following penalties for breach of the Code of Conduct. The Tournament Director will have final say in all Code of Conduct rulings. The following penalties will be given based on the severity and frequency of the violation(s). The first violation will result in a verbal warning.  Second violation will result in a one-stroke penalty.  Any further violations will result in disqualification.

Pace of Play




Pace of play will be very important and we will be keeping a close eye on it.  We will be using a Pace of Play system close to what the AJGA uses in all of their tournaments.  We will have checkpoints at certain points on the course, most likely #4, #9, #13 & #18.  At these spots, each group will be given a red or green card, letting them know if they are in the correct position on the golf course.  The first red card will serve as a warning that your group is out of position on the course.  A second red card will lead to penalties for either the group or a specific individual if deemed necessary.  An official tournament Rules Official will be the only ones able to assess any penalties.  

If your group receives a red card, you can gain a green card by making up sufficient time at the next check point.  As long as your group does not fall more behind, then a 2nd red card will not be issued. 

A few more important things to note for players:

*Play "ready golf" at all times

*Know that everyone is on the clock starting with the very first hole

*The first TWO players done with each hole should immediately grab their bags and start heading to the next tee.  When the next hole is open and at least one more player in on the tee box with them, they can go ahead and hit. 

*Walk quickly between shots!

*If a playing partner is looking for a ball, you can play your ball and then go help them with theirs.  Spectators and tournament officials can help them look for the ball if available.


A 4 hour 30 minute or less round will be expected by all participants.   If a certain player is causing a group to fall behind, group members may appeal their penalty to the Tournament Director.

Yardage Measuring Devices

Yardage-measuring devices are allowed in the tournament. Refer to Rule 14-3 Artificial Devices, Unusual Equipment, and Unusual Use of Equipment.

Wait List Policy

A player on the waiting list will be notified immediately by email of their acceptance. You will have 48 hours to accept the entry by email before your spot will be forfeited. Once you have forfeited your spot, you will go to the end of the waiting list. The same refund policy will apply to players that make it into the tournament from the waiting list. 


A sudden death playoff will be held in the event that there is a tie for 1st place.  Sudden death playoffs will start on #18
All other for awards will be determined by a scorecard playoff using the holes 16-18 cumulative score. If still tied, holes 13-15 will be used and so on. If a winner is not determined after holes 1-3, hole 18 will be used and going back hole by hole until a winner is determined.


The top 5 players in each age group will receive an award. In the case that there are more than 50 players in a given age group, we will add one award for every 10 players over 50 players.  



Pets are prohibited from golf course property at all times.